What is EMPA (European Military Press Association)?

Founded 1977 in Rome/Italy as an association under Swiss private law
EMPA is the Association

» for chief editors and directors of military periodicals and audio-visual Training
aids and means of information published in Europe which are of European,
national or supraregional importance,
» for other persons who are experts in security- and defence policy and publish
in European military and other media.


EMPA offers

» a forum for information and communication,
» exchange of experience,
» exchange of media.


Principles of EMPA

» When fulfilling its tasks, EMPA adopts the basic idea of the Council of Europe,
which was founded in 1949 with the following aim: „Its aim shall be to form a
greater unity for the purpose of realising the ideals and principles of the
common European heritage and for the purpose of encouraging the political,
economic, and social progress. These aims shall be achieved by means of
consultations, agreements and co-operative action in the fields of economic,
social cultural, scientific, legal, and administrative affairs as well as by
preserving and achieving human rights and fundamental freedoms,“

» embedded in the idea of a common Europe, EMPA intends to be a forum for
the permanent exchange of ideas between military journalists and media
representatives, and wants to contribute to strengthening peace in freedom,
ensuring security and defence readiness being inextricably linked therewith.



» support the work of the members
» facilitate the establishment of contact between its members
» offering opportunities for an exchange of information
» assistance in gaining access to foreign military information
» promotion of the understanding for the security policy and general policies of
» other countries
» promotion of the knowledge of armed forces,
» organizing common events on-site.



» members of the EMPA are journalists of printed media and electronic media
both military and civilian.
» EMPA has about 100 members in 20 European countries (NATO, EU,
» Annual membership fee – 50 EUR




» Annual congress with general meeting
» EMPA Awards for the best article of the year and for the best photo of the
year, published in an EMPA member paper.
These awards are handed over during the general meeting at the congress.
» EMPA “Who is Who”. A booklet with personal data of all members – only for



» Publishing of EMPAnews. Electronic newsletter for our members, informing
about all the events.
» Journalist’s tour to hotspots interesting in military reasons or security politics.
(2008 KFOR, 2009 German Navy, 2010 RACVIAC, EUFOR, 2011 Narvik,
Norway, 2016/2017 Norway)
»Midvinter”-Meeting (2014 Vienna/Austria)
   Substantive military-specific topics: Security Policy (national/EU), threat
assessment, strategic alignment (alliance/union/neutrality), operational
procedures (concepts), force planning, capability development, research &
technology, current missions, P&S/Smart Defence, outsourcing/CivilMil-
» Journalist-specific topics: Organizational structure of military media and
communication, correct reaction to critical situations in ongoing missions,
journalist’s code of conduct in current mission areas, communicational
procedures in fatal casualties, intercultural awareness, Internet
approach/social media/mobile communication.
» Co-organization of the Strategy-Conference with the Austrian Military
   Journal (Österreichische Militärische Zeitschrift): June 2016, 2017, 2018.