In 1977, chief editors, and directors of important national and international military newspapers and periodicals from several European nations met for a first exchange of ideas upon the initiative of the Italian General Dionisio Sepielli.

For the first time, participants could share their journalistic experiences with regard to military periodicals in person discussions.

In 1978, Divisionär (Major General) Ernst Wetter (Switzerland) assumed the office of the executive president, thus taking on the by no means easy task to prepare the ground for the planned association of military journalists.

In 1980, the first statues of EMPA were passed during a meeting at the Führungsakademie (Federal Armed Forces Command and Staff College) in Hamburg. The first Board, headed by Lieutenant Colonel Christian Alexander Müller (Germany) as its president, was elected.

Until 1992, nine congress and several meetings were held, during which the armed forces of different nations were visited. At the congress in Budapest, Hungary, Brigadier General Winfried Vogel (Germany) took over the presidency of EMPA in 1992. He was re-elected for a further in office in Warsaw in 1996.

In 1997, during the general meeting at Koblenz, Germany, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Gerard (Belgium) was elected as successor of General Vogel, who had fallen ill. In 1999 at Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Colonel Friedhelm Klein (Germany), was elected president of the Association.

The present Articles of Association were approved by the General Assembly in Warsaw on 17 October 1996, modified in Spiez on 20 September 2000, changed again in Split on 1 October 2002, and amended again in Budapest on 18 October 2017, thus becoming effective on the latter date.

Currently, the Association has members in 22 European nations, working as journalists in military affairs or as experts publishing about security and defence policy matters in military or other media.


EMPA Meetings / Congresses

Number       Year       Place                                            Country

1                 1977         Rome (Meeting)                       Italy

2                 1978         Lugano (Meeting)                    Switzerland

3                 1980         Hamburg                                       Germany

4                 1982         Vienna                                             Austria

5                 1984         Den Haag                                       Netherlands

6                 1985         Bodenmais (Meeting)             Germany

7                 1986         Brussels                                          Belgium

8                 1987         Bodenmais (Meeting)             Germany

9                 1988         Salzburg                                          Austria

10               1989         Amersfort (Meeting)              Netherlands

11               1990         Bern                                                  Switzerland

12               1991         Bodenmais (Meeting)             Germany

13               1992         Budapest                                        Hungary

14               1993         Lugano                                             Switzerland

15               1994         Rijswijk                                            Netherlands

16               1995         Prague                                             Czech Republic

17               1996         Warsaw                                           Poland

18               1997         Koblenz                                           Germany

19               1998         Brussels                                           Belgium

20               1999         Wiener Neustadt                        Austria

21               2000         Spiez                                                   Switzerland

22               2001         Balatongyörök                              Hungary

23               2002         Split                                                     Croatia

24               2003         Gdynia                                                Poland

25               2004         Oslo                                                      Norway

26               2005         Bratislava                                          Slovakia

27               2006         Brussels (Special Event)            Belgium

28               2007         Ljubljana                                             Slovenia

29               2008         Riga                                                        Latvia

30               2009         Vienna                                                  Austria

31               2010         Belgrade                                             Serbia

32               2011         Lucerne                                               Switzerland

33               2012         Prague                                                 Czech Republic

34               2013         Helsinki                                               Finland

35               2014         Tartu/Tallinn                                   Estonia

36               2015         Berlin                                                   Germany

37               2016         Oslo                                                       Norway

38               2017         Budapest                                           Hungary

39               2018         Rotterdam (Meeting)                Netherlands

40               2019         Vienna                                                Austria



Major General Dionisio Sepielli, Italy, 1977-1978
Major General Ernst Wetter, Switzerland, 1978-1980
Lieutenant Colonel Christian Alexander Müller, Germany, 1980-1992
Brigadier General Dr. Winfried Vogel, Germany, 1992-1997
Lieutenant Colonel Henri Gerard, Belgium, 1997-1999
Colonel Friedhelm Klein, Germany, 1999-2003
Mr. Tor Eigil Stordahl, Norway, 2003-2007
Colonel Dr. Jörg Aschenbrenner, Austria, 2007-2011
Mrs. Liga Lakuca, Latvia, 2011-2015
BrigGen Wolfgang Peischel, PhD, Austria, 2015-


1st Vice Presidents

Lieutenant Colonel Alberto Scotti, Italy, 1980-1982
Major H. van Hulzen, The Netherlands, 1982-1983
Colonel J. de Lange, The Netherlands, 1983-1994
Colonel Roberto Vecchi, Switzerland, 1994-1999
Brigadier General (retd) Prof. Dr. Horst Mäder, Austria, 1999-2003
Mr. Wojciech Luczak, Poland, 2003-2007
Mrs. Liga Lakuca, Latvia, 2007-2011
MSC Senior Advisor Roman Bric, Slovenia, 2011-2015
Mrs Regula Ferrari-Hasler, Switzerland, 2015-2019
Ms Jojo Mulder, Netherlands 2019-


2nd Vice Presidents

Dr. László Dobos, Hungary,1983
Colonel Edwin Hofstetter, Switzerland, 1983-1995
Colonel Antoni Witkowski, Poland, 1995-1999
Colonel Werner Hungerbühler, 1999-2003
Colonel Helmut Fischer, Germany, 2003-2007
Lieutenant Colonel John Durnin, Ireland, 2007-2011
Colonel Dr. phil./MA Hans Wegmüller, Switzerland, 2011-2015
Mr. Ilkko Mikko, Finland, 2015-


Secretary Generals

Dr. Heinz Magenheimer, Austria, 1980-1982
Major Genot, Begium, 1982-1983
Lieutenant Colonel Wilhelm Bocklet, Germany, 1983-1999
Colonel Helmut Fischer, Germany, 1999-2003
Mr. Erling Eikli, Norway, 2003-2007
Colonel Karl-Heinz Leitner, Austria, 2007-2011
Colonel GS Raimonds Nitiss, Latvia, 2011-2013
Mr. Erling Eikli, Norway, 2013-2015
Colonel (retd) Karl-Heinz Leitner, Austria, 2015-2019
Mr. Ilkko Mikko, Finland 2019-



QMSGT. Jean-Paul Gudit, Switzerland, 2000-2015
LTC Spec Of Andreas Hess-Bruggmann, 2015-