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Congress 2020

Dear EMPA-members! I am sorry, that I have to inform you about the final decision of EMPA-Croatia, which from my point of view is the best decision that could have been taken in this situation. Read more

Congress 2019

The Congress 2019 is approaching. You can find all necessary data and forms for download in your mailbox or under the register “Congress”

Congress 2018: EMPA-members have met the Dutch Secretary of State

Congress 2018 EMPA-members have met the Dutch Secretary of State at the NIDV-symposium in Rotterdam. See details in the NIDV-Newsletter.

Congress 2018

The Annual Congress in Rotterdam was a great success. Many thanks to the EMPA Holland Team for its excellent work in organizing a congress in a very short time, leaving nothing to be desired. Now we look forward to the Congress 2019 in Vienna. The date you can find in the calendar on the right …

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Riga Conference 2018

The annual conference was held in the National Library of Riga. The topics ranged from the question “Can we count on NATO for the next 100 years?” and “Mid-term economic outlook for the European Union” to “Challenges in the Baltic Sea region.” EMPA was represented by the President and the Secretary General.